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Perfect-Five foods paired with chocolate.


Published by Admin June 11,2022

As you know, chocolate is often considered a dessert. However, it does not need to be specifically eaten as a dessert after dinner. In fact, chocolate is great to match any food. So, prepare your dishes, grab some chocolate, and prepare for the following five food combinations:


One: fruit

You may have thought that chocolate-covered fruit is one of the best chocolate dishes. Pairs of chocolate-covered strawberries, bananas, and dried apricots are very good. Don't want to pick up the fruit? Just bring some dark chocolate and a variety of fresh fruits on the plate. (Usually, higher cocoa strength is better with fruit pairing because the fruit itself is sweet and the lower cocoa contains more sugar).


Two: peanut butter

Peanut butter and chocolate are a match in the sky. You don't even need to wrap peanut butter. Just eat some chocolate and peanut butter sandwiches - or some other peanut heavy food. Dip a piece of chocolate bark into a bowl of peanut butter as a snack. You won't be disappointed.


Three: coffee

Chocolate and coffee are fermented fruits, and the combination is very good, which is why so many cafes put chocolate into the coffee. Even if you don't mix the two together, the chocolate or baked chocolate next to your breakfast cup is a good combination.

Four: pretzel

Chocolate and pretzels are fans of snack lovers everywhere. The combination of soft pretzels and hard sweet and savory flavors is unmatched. Just melt some chocolate on a warm or cool pretzel. Try using it as a slightly sweet alternative to using mustard.

Five: popcorn

Chocolate and popcorn are the joy of the movie audience. Due to the combination of crunchy texture and sweet and savory flavor, chocolate works well with popcorn. If you are watching a movie at the theatre, just buy a solid chocolate bar and enjoy it with popcorn. Make your own food by carefully melting and then pouring your favorite dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate on some salted popcorn. Add some extra flavor with a little spice, such as cinnamon, paprika - or both.


Six: Angel Cake

This extraordinary chocolate partner is very popular. In fact, it is a light, fluffy, protein-rich dessert that is free of dairy products. Melt some of the chocolate, then pour it on the cake bought from the store and taste it carefully. You will find that you are in love with this sweet and fragrant taste.

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