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Ailesi is running with you.


Published by Admin June 11,2022

As the year itself runs out, more than 12,000 competitors joined in Zhuhai as Hengqin New Area welcomes the city's first full marathon on Sunday, Dec 30. 

As a sponsor,  Zhuhai Zhenmei Foodstuff Co.,ltd has organized a half-marathoners team and a full marathon runners team. Each bailout station has our free sponsored chocolates, as the energy supplys to athletes.

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The 2018 Hengqin Marathon accepts online applications from both semi-professionals and amateurs as individuals or in groups, it was announced at a press conference on Nov 22.

A spokesperson said the races will reflect "the national fitness boom and fully demonstrate the vitality of Hengqin New Area."

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Up to 5,000 full marathon (42.2 km, 26.2 miles) runners (aged over 20) and 3,000 half-marathoners (21.1 km, 13 miles) aged over 16 was registered. A mini-marathon contest (3.5 km, 2.2 miles) was held for no more than 4,000 entrants.

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For safety concerns, each runner must prove their race experience and health. Furthermore, if a contestant does not finish a specified distance in time, he/she must withdraw. Medical stations will be set up along the route and doctors and rescuers will be on hand.

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