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Taste your flavor- chocolate and coffee


Published by Admin June 11,2022

For us, chocolate and coffee are no strangers. In addition to fruit juices and salads, coffee and chocolate pastries are also popular in many cafes. However, few people realize that they can enjoy all the possible flavors when they combine the products that contain the best cocoa and fresh coffee beans.

Chocolate and coffee

Start experimenting with your favorite coffee or chocolate. It is important to have a baseline when pairing both. If you don't have your favorite chocolate or coffee yet, ask your local chocolate supplier about their experience, learn about the characteristics of several freshly roasted coffee beans or chocolates, and choose one that sounds the most appealing, most delicious.

Pair it with chocolate and coffee with similar characteristics. Lighter milk chocolate with less intense coffee. Choose a lighter roast and, if possible, brew with a pour or French press. A dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa (less sugar), medium-baked coffee tastes great. When you increase the percentage of cocoa in chocolate, you can choose a deeper roast or even espresso. Remember that everyone has different tastes, so feel free to oppose great makeup and your own combination.

Chocolate and coffee

Take it easy. The purpose of matching chocolate and coffee is to enjoy the experience. Use all your senses, don't rush to seek success. Smell the coffee. Allow the chocolate to melt on the tongue before swallowing. Be sure to drink a few more cups of coffee and some chocolate in your mouth. You will most likely notice differences in taste, such as wine.

Continue to taste your favorite paired coffee and chocolate. Write down your memories of each pairing to help discover your own personal preferences. Again, don't be afraid to try several pairs to find the perfect taste and memories for you

Chocolate and coffee

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