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Ailesi - Perfect Energy chocolate supply for 2019 Chengdou Marathon


Published by Admin March 06,2023

Our athletes are at Chengdou on March 17, 2019.  With our energy chocolate  as their energy supply, they all win the results they expected. 

On the 17th, the "Chengdu Double Marathon" fired a shot. 30,000 runners from 29 countries and regions started in Dujiangyan, the city of Three legacy. As an energy chocolate supplier, we have a energy chocolate supply station at each track.

Energy chocolate

Meet the marathon,  Zhenmei energy chocolate makes you love sports, burn your calories.

On 2019 Chengdou Marathon —— this double marathon technology is full of sense. In the national marathon competition, the "5G+AI" technology was adopted for the first time. The 5G network + AI live camera face recognition function was used to identify the identity of each runner in front of it, and 10 for the runners. The exclusive video of the second helps the runners realize the desire to "beautiful" while running.

The reporter saw that the "5G+AI" camera was set at 7.5 kilometers and 10 kilometers on the track. The face recognition technology was used to lock the players and record the players sweating in the marathon. This year, we have used more abundant and more technical technologies to give players, friends and relatives and audiences more opportunities to participate and interact. The live broadcast platform also enables 5G live broadcast technology for the first time, allowing viewers to view the scene from the first perspective. It gives people an immersive experience and a sense of experience in the "I am also participating".

Energy chocolate

The elements of the pandas in the event are everywhere. Moreover, the finishers will not only receive an "iPanda 5" medal, but also personally color the medals to create exclusive medals. In addition to the "iPanda 5" medal, as a major sign of the event, the Panda series of cultural and creative products with the concept of "Panda Market" attracts thousands of "running friends" every year, and the running friends are very fond of super. Meng, super fun "Panda" wenwan.

Energy chocolate

Finally — In the full marathon men's team of the day, a runner in Kenya won the first place at 2:16:49. The first place in the women's team was won by a Chinese runner with a score of 2:46:01.

Energy chocolate



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