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How do you feel the smell of chocolate?


Published by Admin March 06,2023

Depending on the environment and climate, cocoa beans will vary slightly, so every origin of chocolate is a little different. Like wine, chocolate makers rely on your tastes, just as you can taste wine or coffee, and different tastes will have different lovers. Because cocoa beans are a natural agricultural product rather than a chemist's laboratory formula, different beans may have different characteristics, especially when planted in different regions. There are three things to be aware of when you taste chocolate.


1. Vision: Use your eyes to see the color of the item. Dark chocolate will have a deep brown color due to the different sources of beans and the percentage of cocoa. In addition to color, the surface of the chocolate should have a pleasant luster.

2. Break: How does it break the sound? High quality chocolate will have a clean, crisp snap. This sound means that the chocolate "gets angry", which means that the cocoa butter is properly combined with the solid cocoa. The right temper gives the chocolate the best texture.


3. Taste: Since you have already brought out the feeling of sight, touch and sound, it is time for you to taste chocolate. Take a small piece and let it melt naturally in your mouth. What is your feeling? Is it creamy and smooth? Dry and complicated? How do the contents of vanilla, coffee or cream affect the texture and taste of chocolate? You may find that chocolates release a variety of flavors as they melt in your mouth. Take a deep breath, let the air flow through your taste, and then feel the rich mellowness of the chocolate.


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