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How to know chocolate percentage?


Published by Admin March 06,2023

Many people like to eat chocolate, eat, and even make chocolate, so there will be many questions about chocolate percentage

chocolate percentage

I like to talk about chocolate with friends, family, and customers. Almost everyone who wants to talk about it likes it! I am always learning more about how to make chocolates, know chocolate percentage, and every time I talk to other chocolate lovers, I get more chocolate wisdom.

When you go to a store with a variety of chocolates, you'll find that many good chocolate companies put percentages on their labels. The question I am often asked is "What does chocolate percentage mean? What number should I choose? Is this better than that?"

Let's talk about this, because the more you know about chocolate, the easier it is to choose the type you like and love!

chocolate percentage

What does the chocolate percentage mean?

Well, it's very simple - the percentage on the chocolate bar label tells you how much chocolate is actually the bar by weight. This means that all parts of the cocoa beans include cocoa butter, cocoa powder and/or cocoa liquor.

The remaining percentage is everything else, usually sweeteners and any other ingredients that may be added, such as nuts, fruits or spices. In this regard, the percentage gives you a good idea of ​​the sugar content of a particular chocolate bar.

According to the way you can eat - the percentage of our handmade chocolates you like to eat

Chocolate flavor. sweet
Most people choose a percentage based on how sweet they are when they eat chocolate. If you are a gentle milk chocolate lover, you may never see the chocolate percentage  you choose. Milk chocolate usually contains about 40% chocolate. The other 60% are sweeteners and milk (and any other added).

If you are a fan of mild or milk chocolate and you are adventuring into the wild world of dark chocolate, you may prefer to start using chocolate with a lower proportion of cocoa (chocolate). If you like your chocolate to have a strong taste and long for its bitterness, then you can put a higher cocoa content (think 60%-80%) in the mouth.

Believe it or not, a very good 100% dark chocolate (which means it's unsweetened) may be just a perfect midday snack, if you take a small piece and just let it melt into your mouth. This is a great way to get acquainted with some of the nuances in chocolate, and you won't notice this in sweet chocolate.

The percentage of cocoa in the chocolate bar can also be a general indicator of chocolate concentration (a word?) and sweetness. The higher the percentage of cocoa, the stronger the chocolate flavor and the lower the sweetness.

Chocolate percentage

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