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The tenth session Import & Export Fair at Jiangmen


Published by Admin June 11,2022

We Zhuhai Zhenmei Foodstuff Co., ltd, the owner of brand "Aliesi" joined the tenth session import& export fair in Jiangmen during 09 Jan to 14 Jan. It is happy to see that more and more Chinese love chocolates and willing to buy chocolates as gift during Chinese lunar new year. 

Chocolate benefits

Eating chocolate may have the following benefits:

  • lowering cholesterol levels
  • preventing cognitive decline
  • reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems

It is important to note that the possible health benefits mentioned below came from single studies. More research is needed to confirm that eating chocolate can really improve people's health.

In addition, chocolate bars do not contain only cocoa. The benefits and risks of any other ingredients, such as sugar and fat, need to be considered.

Chocolate benefits

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