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Too faced chocolate bar,You don't want to take a bite?


Published by Admin June 11,2022

The early winter of 2019 is coming, I believe that no girl will resist the temptation of a cup of hot chocolate at this time! Zero-calorie chocolate is full of temptation, warm to the heart, it is full of intimacy!Too faced chocolate bar

Too faced chocolate bar

The early winter trend of 2019 is definitely not to escape this chocolate makeup! The rich chocolate color has a special feeling in autumn and winter, which invisibly enhances the texture of the makeup~

The chocolate-colored eye makeup is really high-level and deep, and the autumn and winter seasons are also very suitable. The sisters are very friendly to the swollen eyes. The upper eye is the gentle girl himself!

Whether it's a temperament slut or a sweet girl hanging, there is always a perfect chocolate makeup for you! Not only the makeup, but also the color of the chocolate color is always the popular color!

Too faced chocolate bar

Chocolate color is definitely the first choice for hair color that is not exaggerated! Black is too fierce, and some bright colors are more limited. Only the chocolate color is still in the circle of fashion trends!

A warm hot chocolate color, the gingerbread man's outsourcing full of Christmas sense, the matte matte texture of the senior and the royal sister, the reddish-brown tone is full of enthusiasm and heat.

Milk chocolate lipstick, which girl can refuse this cute chocolate limited lipstick? The warm aroma, the mouth feels like a chocolate girl, can be domineering sweet, one in hand, the style is changeable!

Too faced chocolate bar

Chocolate eye shadow tray, white peach oolong chocolate drink, a clear eye shadow, the little sister who wants to try the chocolate color makeup can start! The eyes of the girl’s eyes are already conquered in the hand.

Too faced chocolate bar

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